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Educational robotics for students and teachers: bring on STEM skills!

On January 23-24, CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS partners flew to the north of Sweden to discuss the work of the past six months and discuss the next steps ahead.

CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which aims to promote the development of STEM skills among students aged 9-12 through the channel of educational robotics (in particular through the LEGO Boost set).

In the second half of 2019, CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS partners have focused on finalising one of the core project results: a comprehensive Educational Back […]


COMANITY, a new programme for youth and social inclusion

For two years, the Lifelong Learning platform cooperated with 8 organisations (university, research centers, municipality, social cooperative, NGOs) from across the EU to develop a new inclusive programme for youth workers and young people, the COMANITY programme. As the European project is coming to its end and because it was such a great and successful programme, we want to give it a legacy. That’s why we are launching this call for interest and participation.  

What is it? 

The COMANITY programme is a unique blended programme for youth […]

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