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New youth work sharing space: the COMANITY HUB!

Article written by Stefania Aceto (Unir)

The Comanity project, in which LLLP is a partner, aims to support the rise of a new profile in youth work related to social inclusion of marginalized youth – the Community Animateur – foresees an integrated set of actions to reach such an ambitious objective. Among these, the planned and implemented online activities and […]


Five takeaways from the LLLP Annual Conference 2019

The Lifelong Learning Platform’s Annual Conference took place on 19-20 June in Brussels, the perfect place to take stock of the EU elections and assess the role education will play in the future of Europe. It gathered stakeholders from all education sectors and interests, tackling together the topic of “Learning democracy, values and participation: the added value of lifelong learning”. A very dynamic discussion saw the light, and there was general concordance on some key issues. 

1. Our democracy needs all […]

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