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The new approach in entrepreneurship education, a paradigm shift in the EU

This article was written by Ulla-Alexandra Mattl, with the contributions of Pauline Boivin, Andrew Todd and Brikena Xhomaqi as co-authors. It was originally published on the blog of the European Entrepreneurship Hub
“I am almost 18 and I have no idea about taxes, rent or insurance. But, I can analyse a poem. In 4 languages.” This tweet by the 17-year-old Naina sparked a debate in 2015 about the relevance of what students are learning in the classroom. Today, […]


Erasmusx10 Campaign launched!

This is it!
Earlier this year, President Juncker called for an increase of the overall budget by 9 times!

Juncker declarations follow the political will of a consistent increase of the Erasmus+ budget expressed by several heads of State and government of some Member States such as Belgium, France, Italy. Furthermore, during the Rome Summit on the 60th anniversary of the treaty.
Civil society organisations could not sit on the bench. We accepted the challenge and, within the Erasmus+ Coalition, we […]

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