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Civil Society Days 2017 – The Europe we strive for!

Monday June 26th will see the opening of the Civil Society Days 2017.
Why? Over the past year Europe has faced many new challenges, most of the time leading some citizens to remarkable dissatisfaction towards the EU institutions. We believe that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are in a key position between citizens and European institutions, giving them the power to offer new perspectives for the Union and to propose concrete solutions for the future of Europe. The Civil Society […]


Open Public Consultation on Social Inclusion

European Commission’s public consultation on the “Recommendation on Promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning”
The European Commission has recently published an open public consultation to hear citizens’ views about social inclusion. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly welcome from: Education and training institutions, Teachers, educators and leaders of educational institutions, Civil society sector organisations, Public authorities at national, regional and local level, Youth organisations, Social partners, Pupils and students.
The online questionnaire […]

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