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The COVID-19 health crisis in Europe and the necessary national measures taken to tackle it have caused significant disruptions to the provision of education in the recent months. To help ensure not only the continuity of training activities of its members and the general community but also to inspire them about what’s to come, EVTA has gathered a list of bests practises and interesting articles about digital tools and the future of VET under the initiative #EVTA4DISTANCE.
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State of the Union – No education, no recovery

The State of the Union (SOTEU) speech is a customary intervention where the President of the European Commission explains the vision for the year to come. President Von der Leyen addressed the European Parliament in her first-ever SOTEU since she took office in 2019. 
Many of the European actions for the future are directed towards the recovery from the health and economic crisis. These actions can’t be carried out nationally – she explained – and the current situation reinforces the […]

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