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LLL at the Paris Education Week 2016

The LLLPlatform has been invited to join the Paris Education Week alongside La Ligue de l’Ensiegnement, and will be holding a conference on challenges and perspectives in lifelong learning at the University of La Sorbonne Tuesday 15 November.
Georges Haddad, Paris 1 – La Sorbonne University President,  Arne Carlsen, UIL Director (UNESCO) or EUA Representatives Rolf Tarrach (President) and Lesley Wilson (Secretary General) are among the speakers.


New Position Paper: Integrating Refugees and Migrants through Education

Since its creation, the Lifelong Learning Platform has always advocated for holistic and humanistic vision of education that builds inclusive societies and good quality lifelong learning opportunities for all people, as laid in the LLL Platform Manifesto as well. In this policy paper, the LLLPlatform calls on EU Member States and other relevant actors to take responsibility, respect international laws and ensure integration of refugees and migrants into host societies through lifelong learning!
The Paper will be discussed on 11 […]

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